Xbox One Tour: More Zavod 311 Footage

Once again, we bring you a little taste of Zavod 311. In the videos below, the game is being played on the Xbox One Tour in Chicago. Of course, they’re videos of a TV screen, but we are able to view a bit more of the map layout. It is a beautiful sight to behold!

As we already know, Zavod 311 is centered around a Cold War era Soviet tank factory. Here, you can even see the player taking the fight outside, around the abandoned tanks. As described on Battlefield’s official blog, nature certainly has taken over on this map. This makes for some interesting cover options outside, and adds to the dilapidated feel of the environment overall. We’re no stranger to large metal containers in Battlefield. They’re back in full force, scattered both inside and out, along with oversized and crumbling cement pipes.

Inside the walls of the factory, you’ll battle among concrete floors and iron railing under filtered light from the huge factory windows above. The factory appears to be multidimensional; it has a basement area accessible by multiple stairways. In one area, rising steam and falling water add to the deteriorating environment.

The videos are only about a minute or so long. Check them out!

This footage likely doesn’t do it justice, but just from watching I’m ready to play! What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below!