F-35B (STOVL) Basic overview

In this video we take a basic overview at the new fighter jet on Battlefield 3 the F-35B as well as some hints on how to learn to fly and control the aircraft. This Jet allows vertical take off and landing as well as the ability to hover to improve engagement with ground enemies.

Back to Karkand Overview

In this video I give my extended overview of the Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand Expansion released this week. We look at each map and its Conquest and Rush game modes. The Karkand release provides some new and exciting gameplay and brings back some classic Battlefield maps to the BF3 arena.

Back to Karkand: Assignments

The Back to Karkand DLC is released today on PS3, we look at the new assignments aspect, and what each assignment will unlock for you. Each unlock has a specific set of challenges for you in order to access them.

Know your unlocks: Squad Specializations

In this episode we look at the squad specializations what they do how best to use them, and how to avoid not giving your squad and team the full benefit of your specialization perks. These upgrades can make a huge difference to how your gameplay turns out so make sure always to use them to their full potential and change them to suit different games and environments.

Back to Karkand Gameplay Trailer Revealed!

The trailer for Battlefield 3′s first DLC expansion pack Back to Karkand is out, and it’s 1:30 of sheer, unadulterated awesome.  Check it out to see footage of all four classic BF2 maps:

Back to Karkand is a DLC pack for BF3 that features reimagined Frostbite 2 versions of classic Battlefield 2 maps, vehicles, and weapons.  Featured in the trailer are the ultra-popular BF2 maps Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Sharqi Peninsula and the legendary Wake Island.

Back to Karkand comes out for all platforms in December, just in time for the holidays, and will retailed for $14.99 USD. If you pre-ordered the Battlefield 3 Limited Edition you will receive Back to Karkand free of charge once it’s released.

Community Spotlight: Grizzle

Welcome to the very first “Battlefieldo Spotlight”, the spotlight will be a way that we highlight particular members, their artwork, videos, achievements, and submissions. This gives our beloved members a great opportunity to showcase their work, and also gives us here at Battlefieldo a chance to give back to our awesome following. For more information on the Community Spotlight read THIS post in our forums.

Spotlight: Grizzle

Today I’m sitting down with one of Battlefieldo’s most active and respected members, Grizzle. For those of you who don’t know Grizzle, here is a little Bio on him…

German born, Grizzle has been living abroad for 20 years and is currently living in Shanghai, China. He graduated from a British School in Shanghaiand is now working as an Event Organizer, Event Promoter, Photographer and DJ. In his free time he loves to play PC games and really loves the Battlefield series, started playing back in the BF:Vietnam days. The only down side he has to go through is the Chinese internet. In order for him to play lag free on servers is with the help of VPN software, which helps him out a lot. In September Grizzle heard about the BFO community, joined immediately and is having one hell of a good time with the BFO members on TS and in-game. Often people ask him a lot how he ended up in Shanghai, China. It’s because of his dads business, where ever his dad goes, the family tags a long. Before Shanghai he lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, the city where he was born. Now the time comes, where he has to decide where he will end up next, due to University options. It currently stands at Florida, US or Singapore, Singapore. We will see where he will end up, next year march.

Grizzle’s L33T Videos:

BF3 Beta – Engineer & Support Class Gameplay

BF3 Beta – Assault Class Gameplay

BF3 Beta – James Bond Moment

BF3 Beta – Remembering The Beta


Spotlight Interview: 

PR3SIDENT: What is your experience with video editing? Background? Self taught?

Grizzle: I was part of a game filming community called The Blue Entertainment Group. They still exist and they are great guys. We used to sit down and plan out proper video ideas. Our videos were mostly based of the Battlefield series; I had a lot of fun with them. Through this community I got into video editing and it is still very basic, but everything it that I do in the program is self taught. Unfortunately I slowly disappeared from the group, the main reason being the school and ever since the hype for Battlefield 3 started I thought to myself, now this would be the time for me to get back into video editing and in-game recording.


PR3SIDENT: Dude, you have 888 posts on our forums as of right now… that’s a pretty wild number, what are your thoughts on the community as a whole being such a large contributor?

Grizzle: Haha yeah, I’m very active on the forums. It’s a lot of fun no doubt. I really love the humor, the discussions and the creativeness that is flowing through the forums. The community itself is very friendly and helpful, when some one needs help we are more than happy to help that member out. No matter what the situation is. “No one gets left behind” pops into my head. We are a growing community and we are growing fast. We can see that every day. Like today for instance, we reached the 10000 posts mark, which is quite impressive for a forum that is still so young. I love it here!


PR3SIDENT:  What did you think of the Beta?

Grizzle: I found that the Beta was a lot of fun, even with the bugs and glitches. I mean that’s what a Beta is for, it is there for the community to test it and report certain things to the developer so that they can make it even better and more enjoyable for us, when it’s being released. Which I’m pretty sure that EA/DICE will nail. Hands down. It was sad to see so many ignorant people rage quit the Beta because of so many little things, that DICE fixed within a few days after the Beta has been opened to the public. That’s also a thing that I’d like to address, the speed that DICE worked at to make sure that the Beta is as stable as possible… which it was after few Battlelog forum discussions. I really love their support towards the community.


PR3SIDENT: Your Favorite Battlefield Moment?

GrizzleMy favorite Battlefield moment… I think it was the first time I actually stepped foot into my first Battlefield Vietnam Multiplayer game. Yeah that was it, my very first Battlefield multiplayer round… I was just amazed, how awesome it was with all the players, maps. It was different, it was unique with all the teamwork that was involved, the vehicles the sound. I still remember that day as if it was yesterday. That’s also how I got addicted to Battlefield franchise. Fun times back then in the ‘Nam. Haha


Grizzle’s Youtube

Grizzle’s Twitter


That’s it for this Community Spotlight, for more information on how to get your content featured in our Spotlight visit THIS link.


16 Minutes of Off-Screen Coop Footage From GamesCom

A Russian Battlefield 3 fansite has made available a 16 minute, uncut video of the entire first cooperative mission from Battlefield 3 as it was demoed at GamesCom.  The footage was taken by a camera recording a screen, but is in 720p HD and is pretty decent quality as far as off-screen footage goes.  You can get a much more in-depth look at the Coop gameplay from one player’s perspective.  Sorry for the terrible music – you’ll want to mute it right away as it gets MUCH worse as the video progresses.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Pretty cool stuff, terrible music added by the original uploader nonwithstanding. If you are having issues viewing it on youtube, you can use this source as well!

New Off-Screen BF3 Conquest Footage

We’ve got some fresh content for you today – nine minutes of off-screen (camera pointed at the monitor) footage of the BF3 Conquest map Caspian Border taken at Gamescom 2011.  The footage isn’t that exciting, but gives us a look at some stuff we haven’t seen before: the player drives a light vehicle, battle tank, and attack helicopter, so you can get a look at how they work and move, and generally you get to look around the map on foot a bit more than we could see in the brief 2 minute Conquest trailer released earlier this week.

Like I said – not terribly exciting, since there isn’t much going on, but still worth a watch for those of you who are hungering for some more Conquest footage.

Patrick Soderlund Interview by MSNBC’s In-Game

Todd Kenreck of MSNBC’s In-Game has posted a video interview with EA/DICE exec Patrick Soderlund, and also describes his own experience playing the multiplayer hands-on. It doesn’t give us much of any new information or footage, but it’s a good watch nonetheless. Visit the In-Game homepage here (or click here for just the video).