Battlefield 4 Updates Continue

Efforts to improve the Battlefield 4 experience continue. Several more game updates are reportedly in the works. We have word on issues being identified and fixes rolling out for the following platforms:


There have been numerous reports of crashing on this system, and the DICE team is still exploring the problem. They are hoping to release a game update for the PS4 early next week. More details are yet to come.

Xbox 360:

The game update for the Xbox is going through final testing at the moment. As soon as this update passes the testing stage, we’ll be given more information on its release.


A new update will be coming for PC as well to fix various remaining problems. However, no word has been released as to the specific contents of this update. We are promised a “rough timing estimate at a later date.”

Please stay tuned, we’ll bring you more information on the fixes for these platforms as soon as it’s released!