Second Assault Assignments

The Second Assault DLC has arrived for Xbox One players, and is on the near horizon for all of the other platforms. With this expansion comes several weapons and other fun unlocks. Below is a quick guide of what you can get–and how to get it!


Five weapons are on the way with the Second Assault expansion pack, and we thought you may be curious about the assignments you’ll have to complete in order to unlock them. All of the weapon assignments are considered Bronze Assignments; they are fairly straight-forward, but be aware that some of them are tied to specific maps. It’s also worth noting that you’ll have to be at least rank 10 before trying for these!

Here they are, the Second Assault weapon assignments:


Assignment: Express Train

Assault Rifle Ribbon x1
Kill Assist Ribbon x2
Get 10 kills inside the Metro


Assignment: Dead Stop

Shotgun Ribbon x1
Raise or lower the Caspian Border Gate


Assignment: Dust Devil

Anti Vehicle Ribbon x1
Destroy 5 vehicles in Gulf of Oman


Assignment: Co-Pilot

Spend 10 minutes in helicopters
Do 10 Squad Repairs


Assignment: Eagle’s Nest

Sniper Rifle Ribbon x1
In a  round, kill 5 players from the Caspian or Firestorm towers



Besides weapons, DICE has made some camos and dogtags available exclusively through the Second Assault expansion pack. The requirements for these range from Bronze to Gold Assignments, and therefore increase in difficulty. One of them even requires you to unlock every gun that comes with the DLC in order to even start trying!

Here are the assignments to unlock these camo patterns and dogtags, along with some shots of the actual rewards. Check them out!



Bronze Assignment

Start 5 fires in Second Assault



Camo_AirMailAIR MAIL

Silver Assignment

Transport a flag carrier in a helicopter which results in a capture



Silver Assignment

Get a kill by using the Firestorm tower burnoff



Silver Assignment

Get 25 kills with each of the 5 new guns in Second Assault



Gold Assignment

Play 10 hours of Second Assault
Get a kill-streak of 10 in a round
Land on top of the tallest tower in Caspian or Firestorm




If awards are your thing, Second Assault also introduces the opportunity to obtain two new types of ribbons/medals. Both of them are flag related:


Receive 50 Capture the Flag Winner Ribbons


Receive 50 Capture Specialist Ribbons

Which of these weapons, camos or dogtags will you unlock first? Let us know in the comments below!


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BF4 Live Stream Shows Second Assault Weapons and Game Play

For those of those who didn’t catch the AMD Fan Day Tournament live stream today, here is a brief run-down on what you missed. The event was broadcast on Battlefield’s official Twitch TV channel, and consisted of three matches played by developers. The action was cast by Alex Mendez, while we were shown three out of the four maps that will be included in this expansion.


As stated, we got to see three maps, and I’m sorry to say that Caspian Border was not one of them. However, we did get to view that map in the BF4 Showdown at the beginning of this month, so perhaps that’s why the remaining maps were chosen.

Operation Metro 2014

This is the first map that was showcased, with a round of Capture the Flag. The tunnels are flooded, and the destruction has been amped up quite a bit. The ceilings are especially vulnerable, and can be brought crumbling to the ground (or upon your enemies) by shooting above or destroying support beams. The now operational elevators will provide a new way to get upstairs, or at least cause a distraction to help your team push to the top of those escalators. In certain game modes, there are extra side routes on this map. Outside, the long grass can be set on fire, and it was mentioned in the stream that this cannot be extinguished. That should create an interesting twist in game play–either create a flammable damage-inducing barrier, or burn up that pesky sniper hiding in the field!

Also mentioned was the fact that the Obliteration mode on this map is played outside in the park area, instead of in the tunnels. So, unlike in Rush, we’ll get the experience of pushing the objective in either direction.

Gulf of Oman 2014

Obliteration on Oman was featured next in the stream. A sandstorm hovers ominously on the edge of the horizon as soon as the round begins. That is the biggest change on this fan-favorite map, and it really affects game play! The storm slowly creeps in and hits during the match, drastically reducing visibility on both land and in the air. A giant crane falls due to the storm’s intensity (reportedly it cannot be triggered by player actions). We’re told that the duration of the sandstorm is around 8 minutes. Afterwards, things calm back down and game play resumes in the aftermath.

Operation Firestorm 2014

Last, and maybe least, comes Operation Firestorm with another round of Obliteration. Don’t get me wrong, Firestorm is an okay map, I’m just not sure I’d peg it as a “fan-favorite”. However, Obliteration and Capture the Flag may bring enough of a change to the dynamics to change my opinion. The main Levolution on this map seems to be the fires caused by various means of destruction. Tanks can be blown-up, pipes can be shot, and oil fires can be set aflame to create fire hazards and create visual obstruction from the hoards of snipers that usually inhabit this map.



By watching the stream, we’ve composed a list of the five weapons that are likely making their way back onto the Battlefield with this DLC. And here they are:

GOL (Sniper)

At the end of the stream, we were also treated to the debut of the Battlefield 4: Official Second Assault Trailer. View it below!

Which of these maps are you looking forward to playing the most? What about the incoming Second Assault weapons, any favorites? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

AMD Fan Day Tournament Will Feature Second Assault Game Play

If you want to see game play on the upcoming Second Assault DLC, don’t forget that Battlefield is officially streaming 3 of the 4 maps on Wednesday, November 20 at 12 PM PST. The Capture the Flag game mode will be featured during this broadcast. The matches for this tournament can be viewed on Battlefield’s official Twitch channel.

During the live stream, you’ll be able to ask questions about the Second Assault DLC and Premium. Afterwards, the worldwide premiere of the official BF4 launch trailer for Second Assault will be shown.


Second Assault releases first for Xbox One players on November 22. Premium members on other platforms can expect the expansion to release on December 6. For everyone else, Second Assault will become available on December 20.

The Low-down on Upcoming BF4 DLC


As we know, Second Assault will feature four popular re-imagined maps from Battlefield 3. What will be different about these maps, and what would make us want to play them again? Today, we’re treated to a few of the specifics we can expect to see, including new Levolution events, weapons, a returning game mode, and reports of an “all-new” vehicle.



 Operation Metro

The map that everyone loves to hate is back like a bad relationship. The new Operation Metro 2014 is set two years later and features post-nuclear Paris. The subway tunnels we all know and love are now flooded. Players will be able to destroy the ceilings to create new routes. Plus, elevators are now operational!

 Caspian Border

We were treated to a first view of this level in the BF4 Showdown event. The once destroyed communications tower in the middle of the map is intact, and players can  use it to maintain a presence at the central base….until it’s taken down that is! A concrete wall winds around the map, changing the flow of game play. Spiked bollards can be raised to deter vehicles.

 Operation Firestorm

The new Operation Firestorm will actually be a fire-storm. The pipelines of the refinery will be destructible, causing flammable hazards to spread.

 Gulf of Oman

On the redefined Oman, players will fight through a raging sandstorm that rolls into the Battlefield. Try sniping through that!


Here is a brief listing of what’s coming with the Second Assault DLC:

  • Five new weapons
  • An all-new vehicle
  • Ten assignments

In addition to this, Capture the Flag makes its way back from Battlefield 3! This is a personal favorite of mine, and I think it will be an interesting twist to play this mode on the re-created vanilla BF3 maps. What do you think?


As usual, December comes bearing gifts, including the new China Rising DLC. DICE promises us all-new vehicles and “high-tech military equipment”. As with Second Assault, four maps will be included in the China Rising DLC.


Here are the names of the four maps, along with some sneak peek images!

  • Silk Road
  • Altai Range
  • Guilin Peaks
  • Dragon Pass




Two land and air vehicles have been promised, the dirt-bike being one of the favorites returning from BF3′s End Game DLC. Jet pilots will be pleased to know that the Air Superiority game mode will be making a comeback as well.


Naval Strike will storm the Battlefield in Spring 2014. Coming Summer 2014, Dragon’s Teeth will feature urban warfare. The last expansion, Final Stand, is also tentatively slated for Summer 2014. We’ll bring you all the latest DLC news as it’s released, so stay tuned!