BF4 Awards, Scoring, and More

Today in “The Road to Battlefield 4″ blog series, we are treated to more details on Battlefield 4′s award and scoring systems. Read on to find out what’s new in the upcoming game, and what stays the same!


Yes that’s right, 100 Colonel is still the king of the Battlefield. For all you aspiring to the level 100 throne, here is a quick list of details you’ll find in Battlefield 4′s ranking system:

  • Ranks (ranging from 1-100) will still be earned through set score totals
  • Each rank has 5 sub-ranks

Rank 16: Sergeant
Rank 20: Sergeant V
Rank 21: Staff Sergeant

  • High end assignments with unique awards will be available for high-rank players to attempt


The concept of earning ribbons, medals, and service stars will return in the new game, along with tons of new dog tags for you to steal. Below is a summary of what you’ll be able to earn on the Battlefield.

  • There are 45 Ribbons, each corresponding to one Medal
  • There are 45 attainable Medals in the game
  • Earning 50 of one Ribbon type will achieve the corresponding Medal
  • Certain Ribbons are only attainable by one class, so you’ll have to play each class in order to collect them all
  • Over 600 dog tags appear in the game
  • The left tag will display clan tag, country flag, or rank; the right will display a tag you’ve unlocked through achievements on the Battlefield
  • 130 Service Stars can be earned 100 times, for a total of 13,000 earnable stars
  • Service Stars specific for game modes are now earnable through objective scoring and winning rounds for those game modes
  • Over 80 unlockable weapons, not including the accessories


There have been changes in the scoring system to more deeply accentuate objective game play. A summary of how the scoring works is as follows:

  • Commanders receive points when their team uses their help or strategic guidance (ex. Supply Drops)
  • Points will start ticking into your score as soon as you start taking objectives, so you’ll get points for trying whether you succeed or not
  • In Obliteration, this translates into getting points for carrying the bomb or killing the bomb carrier, not just arming the bomb
  • Vehicle hits will reward differently, based on the weakness of the spot where your attack lands and the corresponding damage dealt

Also, ”Kill Assist Counts as Kill”is a new feature that makes its way onto the Battlefield. With this concept, getting a few shots in that later result in your teammate taking the enemy down may earn you an extra kill. This is something new that you may have noticed while playing the Beta, and was implemented in order to reward team play.


Back in August, Battlefield had us vote for our favorite upgrade career path. Four choices were laid before the community. Drum roll please! And the winner is…”Shadow”! Here is their description of the winning path, which makes its way into the final game:

Community Career Path 3: Shadow

Inspired by the fabled shadow warriors of the Orient, the “SHADOW” career grants you the mystical powers you need to infiltrate enemy territory without being seen. Okay, not really, but it grants you some perks that accumulated will give you an edge when going behind enemy lines. QUICK UNSPOT means you’ll disappear more quickly from enemy radars when you’ve been spotted, while SPRINT lets you move quickly from cover to cover. REDUCED FALL lets you jump from your favorite hiding places without taking damage, while STEALTH grants you the ability to remain undetected when passing within range of enemy motion sensors.

Hmmm…it seems many of our fellow Battlefielders would like to remain unseen. Be sure to watch your back, sneaky ninja wants to take your tags!

In the Beta, we got a glimpse of how these upgrade paths will work. Performing team actions while in a squad will count towards both your own progression as well as your entire squad’s. Watch out for the “LAST MAN IN SQUAD” message though, if you die you all lose the progress!


Playing with weapons from the same “family” in multiplayer is the new way to unlock your hardware. Regardless of class, killing and assisting with certain weapons will grant you unlocks from that group of weaponry. Also, the default weapons and vehicles will have some accessories already unlocked on day one. This means that new players will be able to join the fight with less of a disadvantage. Here are some examples:

  • Jets will already have flares unlocked
  • Starting assault rifles will have grips available
  • Bipods may equipped to LMG’s from the start


These are another new concept in the Battlefield world, and many of us have been rather confused about their inner workings. These awards are gained according to rank, and their content will be random. You may earn a Battlepack that is either Bronze, Silver or Gold; or you may earn a Weapon Pack. The value of the pack will determine the number of items included within. Higher value packs also come with a chance to receive a rare item.

Rest assured that the items contained in Battlepacks are not “game-changing”. You will be able to unlock the same items with normal game play progression, though you may receive a different cosmetic variant in the Battlepack version. The kind of items you may expect from Battlepacks are: XP boosts, dog tags, original knife designs, soldier camos, weapon accessories, and weapon or vehicle paints.

So many details! What is your opinion on the award and scoring systems in the new game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!