BF4: Latest Issues and Upcoming Fixes

The team at DICE would like its fans to know that they have been made aware of many problems within the new game, and are working on fixing these concerns. They are eliminating the issues with the game crashing and freezing as they are identified. These issues apparently come in two different types, and have two different solutions. Server side updates can be released more quickly, and four of these have already been implemented. However, game client updates need more testing and certification. A PC client patch is in the works, and will be put into effect soon.

Some other issues are still being investigated. They are:

  • Lost progress in multiplayer
  • Single-player save file corruption
  • Items from promotional Battlepacks not appearing (either in-game or on Battlelog)

Additionally, here are some upcoming fixes:

  • Missing/corrupted audio bugs
  • Premium stat resets not working

The issue in which reloading in normal servers was behaving like it would in hardcore servers has been fixed on all platforms. Also, Xbox players should now be able to create Missions. The team is looking into controller options as well, and has promised to publish this info later on the Battlefield Blog.

Remember to report any bugs with the game on the Battlelog forums. We’re sure there will be many more patches coming up. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and stay tuned for the latest news!