Battlefield 4 – Naval Strike Teaser

Eager to catch a glimpse at what Battlefield 4′s third DLC installment, Naval Strike, might be all about?


DICE has released this teaser image to the masses, egging on our peaked interest in the third of five scheduled DLCs prepping to be released for Battlefield 4. While it is obvious that Naval Strike will project more of a focus on naval combat, there have also been reports that Titan mode, which has players boarding enemy teams’ ships with the objective of destroying them, might return with Naval Strike’s release.

Naval Strike will feature 4 new open water maps, most likely set in the China Sea, with a focus on naval warfare and will be available to Premium members. Those without a Premium purchase can acquire the Battlefield 4 DLCs for $15.00 each, and will all be available on all platforms.


Battlefield 4′s Naval Strike will most likely be released in the summer of 2014. What are your thoughts on Naval Strike? Would the reemergence of Titan mode be an appropriate addition to this DLC?