Battlefield Player Appreciation: The M1911 Scope

The 3x scope for the M1911 pistol that was promised as part of Battlefield’s Player Appreciation Program has now been made available on PC. Reportedly, it should also be rolling out on the other platforms throughout the day. This gift to the players was originally supposed to be offered yesterday, but was delayed.


Unfortunately for many people, this token of appreciation is rather limited. Although the Battlepack system allows players to receive accessories for yet unlocked weapons, the M1911 must be already unlocked in order to get this particular scope. Those who have achieved this may find the scope by equipping the weapon and customizing. The accessory will be named SCOPE [3x].

To appease players for the rocky launch, Battlefield also extended last weekend’s Double XP event for two days, and will be offering Double XP again this coming weekend. The community has been up in arms about all of the problems that have plagued the game since launch, which have now extended to DLC releases as well.

Of course, the developers are still continually patching the game, so players have yet to experience Battlefield 4 as it was intended to be enjoyed.

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