Happy Birthday Stadler!

Happy B’day Stadler!

Today is a special day for Battlefieldo… Our site was founded nearly a year ago by Erik “Stadler” Zuuring. It all started here on Erik’s Tumbler. Erik has grown Battlefieldo into the largest Battlefield 3 Online Community in just over 4 months of being alive. He steers us staff members in the right direction on development, and has more drive and focus on providing the community with their needs than I have ever seen in any video game I have ever played. Erik is the ultimate community manager, and we honestly wouldn’t have such a great, world leading community site and community without him. Erik has recently also been added as a Battlelog Moderator, and also serves the community on the Battlelog forums. We have some pretty big things on the horizon for our site, and our community following, and I know we all rest easy at night knowing Stadler’s at the helm. Happy Birthday bro, and thank you so much for the sweat, blood, and tears you put into the site, and the community.


On a less serious note: Be sure to check out Stadler’s “Confession” in our staff confession post. =)



Know your unlocks: MAV

Ever wondered what that buzzing noise above you in BF3 was? No your speakers aren’t broken its an MAV. In our latest know your unlocks video we take a look at the role of the MAV and when it can be a benefit to you and your team. When used properly you can still gain a respectable score at the end of the round whilst providing an invaluable support to your team. We follow up with an extra commentary on the rest of the MAV round. Follow the link at the end of this video to check it out.

Happy Birthday to Europhoric!

We all experience that one day a year whether we hate it or love it. For the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of working on and off with our Technical Director Europhoric. If you call yourself a veteran to the Battlefield Community and remember a site called TotalBF2, then you’ll recognize him as his previous nickname “GameWizard”. He was 15 years old at the time and behind the creation of that site.  I had the pleasure of joining on board with him in those early stages and I can safely say it was what got me introduced into the back end of running a Battlefield Community Site. It was just under a year ago that I reconnected with Europhoric as Battlefieldo was starting up.

Well, today is Europhoric’s Birthday and we’re proud to have him on board our team as a Technical Director. He makes sure our site runs smooth on the back end and is usually found making tweaks, creating new features and pioneering the development roadmap.  Outside of the daily work, you can always count on him to show you something hilarious to cheer you up.  For years he has committed  time and effort into the community all for the love of Battlefield.

Go ahead and add this dude on your battlelog :)


BF3 Community Week Event with Razer


Now that Battlefield 3 has hit the world by force, it’s time to kick in this new game with a week-long community event. This is your chance to come on out, play with the Battlefield Community and have a chance at winning some prizes! We’ve teamed up with Razer this time around and, we’ll be giving away their Battlefield 3 Collector’s Gear! Be sure to like Razer on Facebook. All you have to do is participate for a chance to win.

So how do you participate in the event? Well, first tune into our Battlefieldo Twitch.tv channel for our stream (+ Special Guests) to kicks things off on Friday, November 4th at 11:00PM EST / 8:00PM PST. Through the course of the week, we will have public BF3 servers open for fragging courtesy of i3D.net. Expect to get some community dogtags! In order for a chance to win some gear, we will be picking winners from a series of contests as well as giveaways via our twitter / facebook / forums.

Contest #1 – Video  Competition

Make your best Battlefield 3 video and the top 3 submissions will be shown on our stream, letting the viewers vote what’s best. All submissions are due Monday, November 7th, 2011.1st Place will win (1) BF3 Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Keyboard!
See this thread for more information

Contest #2 – Artwork / Screenshot Competition

Do you have a knack for making BF3 artwork or a idea for an amazing screenshot? Submit your entries and we’ll select a winner! All submissions are due Tuesday, November 8th, 2011. (1) Battlefield 3 Razer Imperator Mouse and (1) Razer Scarab Mouse pad
See this thread for more information


Through the course of the event, we will be doing give aways on our Facebook, Twitter and on the BF3 Servers. We’ve got a Razer BF3 Messenger Bag + BF3 Iphone Case to giveaway! Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and Fan our Battlelog Platoon to keep in the loop.

This is going to be an off the hook week of Battlefield 3. This event will be for all Battlefield 3 platforms, PC, Xbox360 and PS3.

Server List

Teamspeak 3:

Battlefield 3 Servers: Details added shortly

Community Spotlight: SamFisher

Community Spotlight: SamFisher

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to mingle and meet a lot of Battlefieldo’ers SamFisher is definitely one of the coolest cats I know.

Here’s a little about Sam,

He’s been game since he was 5 back in the early 80′s. Started on a Commodore Vic20 playing games and doing basic programming. Moved on to a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k (yes 48k) and hasn’t stopped since. He has a sick-nasty rig currently running: an I7-920 @4ghz, Noctua D14 with a single EVGA GTX560ti. He plans to upgrade to another 560ti at some point in the next month or so… He also just bought a Razer Black Widow Ultimate keyboard, which whilst being very expensive is one hell of a mechanical gaming keyboard. Sam stays kind of busy with work and his 3 kids, and is currently working for a large food retailer in the UK which keeps him in a reasonable apartment and allows him to upgrade his PC when he can. He’s just joined the SAS squad in the BFO community and very glad to see they have 16 members in the squad already. Elite is the squad Captain and is a very funny guy and they are looking forward to some great matches once BF3 releases soon.


When did you start gaming?

I started gaming when I was about 5 years old in the 80s (yes I’m old lol) on a Commodore Vic20. The games were incredibly basic and really not that fun. I then moved onto a Sinclair Spectrum 48k (lol 48k) and the games then were really getting better development and much more fun. I’ve been PC gaming for about 15 years now and had many rigs.

What game or experience really pulled you in?

This is quite hard to remember but what really pulled me into PC gaming was Doom. The way graphics are these days and the way we can communicate with TS etc. really makes PC’s the way to play until the next generation of consoles come out. Even then I’d still prefer to play on PC tbh.

Most embarrassing online moment?

OMG my most embarrassing moment happens very frequently when I’m in TS and forgets to press push to talk and realize I’m just talking to myself. Auto activation FTW. I’m sure we’ve all done it

Run and Gun? Sit and Shoot?

Definitely run and gun all the way I’m no good at sniping, but often I’ll be a bit more tactical about approaching situations instead of just running in guns blazing.

Favorite Class/Weapon from the Battlefield series so far?

In the beta I think my favorite class was assault because I wanted to use the medic kit a bit more since I never really used that before. I think I’ll be rolling with my engineer kit a lot as well as I love my flying and vehicles.

Hobbies outside of the game?

My main hobby outside of the game would be upgrading and tweaking my PC. I love the whole process of ordering parts and building a rig from scratch. But sometimes I like to take a break from all things technology and just enjoy my time with my friends and family.

What do you want to achieve from Battlefield 3?

My main goal in BF3 is to work on all my kits starting with engineer, assault, support and then sniper. I want to get all the unlocks for everything and fine tune my skills in both vehicles and my infantry play. Also the biggest thing for me is too have lots and fun and enjoy my time with my friends in TS.


Big thanks to Sam for all his help to me personally as well as to Battlefieldo and the community we are building. Couldn’t have done it without great members and supporters as yourself.

BF3 Posters and Your Feedback

 Interested in having this poster on your wall? Looks like for today only, EA’s Origin has a deal for those who buy Battlefield 3 today. You will recieve a copy of this poster shown above to put up on your wall. Only 4,000 of them have been printed. If you have yet to buy Battlefield 3, you can do so at this link to obtain a free poster. This deal only lasts today.

In other news, today there was a new entry on the Official Battlefield blog thanking everyone for the extensive amount of feedback on the Launch of Battlefield 3. DICE’s General Manager, KM Troedsson gives some great insight into how the feedback has been taken into effect. Here is a short excerpt:

Hi all! This is Karl Magnus Troedsson with an update on the Battlefield 3 launch. It has been an amazing first week for all of us at DICE. It’s incredibly exciting to ship Battlefield 3 globally, and to hear the feedback from our fans.



This has been our largest launch to date! Thank you all for turning out in record numbers at midnight launches across the globe. It’s great to know you’re all as excited to play Battlefield 3 as we are. Even so, the overwhelming response has been as humbling as it is appreciated. Battlefield 3 is the fastest selling game in EA’s history, but is not without its ups and downs.


You make the game come alive
Everyone at DICE has put their heart and soul into Battlefield 3. We take an incredible amount of pride in what we’ve built. Many of us were Battlefield players even before we became developers on Battlefield 3. So we take great pride in the positive feedback and revel in the Battlefield moments captured by the community. Here is just one of the thousands of awesome fan videos that are popping up everywhere, showing us what Battlefield is all about:
Mid-air helicopter pick-up


Key issues and how we are fixing them
Despite the fact that millions of people are online playing Battlefield 3, some of you are experiencing issues. The DICE team, as well as the many EA groups that support this historic launch, have all been working around the clock. We’ve deployed a number of server-side updates in our first week that have solved a number of the primary connectivity challenges, and have accelerated our rollout of the number of Hardcore servers. Below is an update on five key issues for us and how we are addressing them.


Battlelog Update: Server Fixes


Last week Battlefield 3 had a epic launch around the world. With the amount of people logging online, like most video game releases, it was expected that there would be network performance issues. The good news is that DICE have released an official announcement on the server issues and will be updating the Battlefield 3 servers to resolve these issues.

Hello everyone! It´s sunday night over here at the office. It´s cold and dark outside but inside one of the nicest buildings located in the heart of Stockholm, sits a team that is working on updates. We at DICE are rolling out a new server update and of course, we are posting the change log to you.For users, this means that you don´t need to update your client since this is a server side update.

- Fix for crashes usually occurring during level switches. Server providers may see a little bit of memory leakage instead in this situation- Game servers should no longer quit in some situations where the online backend servers are down. Server will reconnect to the backend once it’s up again

- Fix for ghost servers which didn’t accept connections

- Kick reasons should better match situations where they are issued. This will help battlelog provide more accurate information to the player

- Connection fixes to avoid players sometimes being rejected while joining the game server on one of the last slots

- Security updates

- Improved server logging

via Battlelog 

BF3CC Launches, Server tools are here!

It’s our pleasure to announce that the developers of the Battlefield 3 Command Centre have released their first version. This allows all of you PC players with servers to administrate. The design is very sleek and offers everything you need to adminstrate on the fly. It is all very intuitive to use.  We are personally very pumped about this project. We’ve got a forum section dedicated to the BF3CC community. Check it out!

Visit BF3cc.com


BF3 Limited Edition Giveaway!

That’s right, it’s time for our first Battlefield 3 Give away. This is only the start, more to come in the following days. For those of you who have yet to get a copy of Battlefield 3, we are giving away One copy of Battlefield 3: Limited Edition (PC). This comes with Back to Karkand (On release) and the Physical Warfare Pack. Here’s how you can enter to win:

Follow us on twitter and retweet this tweet

Like us on facebook

From these lists, we will announce a winner on Tuesday, November 1st, 2011