Fragnet Hosts BF4 Esports Championship

Battlefield Esports is already taking off! The Dreamhack AMD Sapphire Battlefield 4 Championship, hosted by FRAGNET Networks, will be played November 28-30 at the Dreamhack Winter 2013 festival.

The tournament will start with open BYOC-qualifiers in which 32 teams will be able to compete. The main tournament will feature 8 teams, 6 that are invited and 2 slots dedicated to the open BYOC-qualifiers. The Grand Finals will be played at DreamArena Extreme for thousands of gamer fans to watch from the audience.

Fans can watch the action from home as well. The event will be broadcast live at DreamHack.TV via Twitch in 720p. Alex Mendez and Benson Bowe will be casting the tournament.

The prize purse will include a grand total of 100.000 SEK ($15,000).

Along with FRAGNET, sponsors include: DreamHack, AMD, SAPPHIRE, XMG, and ASTRO Gaming. For more information, visit FRAGNET @ Dreamhack Winter, or register your team at DreamHack Winter 2013.