Flood Zone: More Concepts & Screenshots

How would you like to see some concepts and screenshots from the map Flood Zone? EA France has posted a 2 part presentation describing the making of this level. Within the footage we get a feel of what it will be like to play on this unique design. The following screenshots were captured from the videos:

Here is a top-down concept of the different game modes in the map. In this image, you can see the different areas, routes and points for Team Death Match, Conquest, and Rush :

Flood Zone will feature a Levolution event in which a levy is destroyed, flooding the entire city and changing the gamescape entirely. We already know that Flood Zone features quite a bit of naval warfare after this event occurs. The video from EA also mentions pilots in this map, and you can see helicopters in part 2 of the presentation. From the looks of it, this level will be offering some diverse game play options! Watch the videos below to check out the full details behind this amazing map:

Part 1

Part 2