Change of Language Issues – Possible Fixes

There have been multiple reports of Battlefield 4 buyers in Eastern European countries – namely, Russia and Ukraine – who are unable to obtain DICE’s newest release in the English language. The version they are able to purchase gives them download options in the language of their region only. For the countries mentioned above, this means Russian and Polish are the only languages available for Battlefield 4. Currently, the English version is not available to them.

Such issues were side-stepped in Battlefield 3 by downloading the English language files and changing the registry key. That manual fix doesn’t seem to work this time around, however, leaving many particularly frustrated. According to some, having to listen to Polish VOs  feels like having a sub par version of the game.

Contacting support about this problem seems to have had mixed results. A majority are being told to buy the physical disc while a small number have actually gotten support to change the language for the game. Many more, however, claim they have been told by EA support that changing the language is impossible.

Recent activity on Battlelog may hold some promise for a change in language. Check out the corresponding post here by Battlelog member EchnAt0n, who has compiled quite a list of possible fixes for this frustrating issue. Having similar issues yourself? Check out a summary of the notes below!

Currently, there are three versions of BF4:

2. GLOBAL (English language only.)
3. RU/PL REGION (Languages are locked at this time.)


*Taken from the Battlelog forum thread.
Please take the following steps at your own risk! There are reports that these steps may work, but there are no guarantees*

Option 1. Change Origin language & re-download 

1. Uninstall BF4
2. Start Origin, in “Application Settings” select English US
3. Re-download and re-install BF4
4. Your game should now be in English

(works for GLOBAL version)

Option 2. Delete additional language files in “..Win32\Loc” folder

1. Go to your Battlefield 4 Installation folder
2. Follow the path to “…Data\Win32\Loc”
(Optional) Copy all the language files to a backup folder of your choice!
3. Delete the unwanted language files in “Battlefield 4\Data\Win32\Loc” – leaving behind 8 english files in the folder

YouTube walkthrough for your viewing pleasure.

(works for GLOBAL version)

Option 3. RU+PL download EN files & change registry 

More info here.

(works for RU/PL REGION)

Option 4. Change registry key, origin language and re-install without(!) re-downloading

1. Change the default language of Origin to English
2. Open regedit:
Win 7: Start->Run->Type in “regedit”
Win 8: Move your cursor to the right edge of your desktop->Search->Type “regedit”->Open it
3. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SOFTWARE->Wow6432node->EA Games->Battlefield 4
4. Modify the data of Locale from whatever to en_US, and likewise for GDFBinary and GDFBinary64.
Should look like this:
5. Move the (Game) directory to a different location (that makes shure u don’t have to re-download!)
6. Start downloading the game again
7. Pause the download at ~1% (you should now have the GDF-Binaries with the en_US-extension)
8. Paste your saved BF4-directory(step 5.) in the new created at the original location
9. Continue the download it should now run finish in no time, because the files are there already

More info here.

(works for GLOBAL + RU/PL REGION?)

5. RU+ PL, 1 + 4 with VPN
It has been posted that if you do not have the EN files (Polish/Russian version), since the game doesn’t ask you in which language it should install, it downloads the default (RU/PL) automatically instead.

1. Get VPN
2. Exit Origin
3. Move your BF4 file somewhere else (your back-up)
4. Use USA proxy in VPN
5. Login to Origin
6. Start downloading BF4 and pause once it has started downloading
7. Exit Origin again
8. Move your backed-up version back to where you have it installed
9. Start Origin again and resume download (it should verify the completed installation and download ~930MB of English localization files)
10. Pause the download once it starts and disconnect the VPN so you can get your usual downloading speed
11. Resume the download.

Once completed, this method is done. The game should now be in English.

(works for GLOBAL + RU/PL REGION?)

Again, please use these methods at your own risk.  Thanks to Battlelog member EchnAt0n for the compilation post of possible fixes! The ongoing issues with an unavailable English version of the game have frustrated many buyers. Are you one of them? Tell us if you’ve found a fix for your language selection issues!