Get Rewarded for Your Feedback – A Message From Lars Gustavsson

Lars Gustavsson, Creative Director at DICE, has graced the Battlelog forums in his post here to announce the DICE team’s many thanks and appreciation for so much helpful feedback with the release of Battlefield 4. He reiterates that it is the players’ reactions to the game and their ideas for more responsive game play that continue to drive the hard working team behind the scenes.


Gustavsson has also announced that DICE devs will begin to be even more visible on the Battlelog forums, and here’s one of many reasons why. Have a tip for the devs themselves? Want to offer constructive feedback to the community on an aspect of the game itself? How about an idea for future endeavors?

DICE wants to know, and they will reward threads begun by fans and  Battlelog members they deem both constructive and creative by giving them a Gold Battlepack. One will be given away each week, so get to posting those positive and productive posts!

The DICE team has been working around the clock to support and provide answers to fans and players alike. Their commitment to both Battlefield and its community is ever apparent and supported by their tireless pledge to creating a fun and interactive gaming experience.

So what are you waiting for? Get to brainstorming!