Fragnet Hosts BF4 Esports Championship

Battlefield Esports is already taking off! The Dreamhack AMD Sapphire Battlefield 4 Championship, hosted by FRAGNET Networks, will be played November 28-30 at the Dreamhack Winter 2013 festival.

The tournament will start with open BYOC-qualifiers in which 32 teams will be able to compete. The main tournament will feature 8 teams, 6 that are invited and 2 slots dedicated to the open BYOC-qualifiers. The Grand Finals will be played at DreamArena Extreme for thousands of gamer fans to watch from the audience.

Fans can watch the action from home as well. The event will be broadcast live at DreamHack.TV via Twitch in 720p. Alex Mendez and Benson Bowe will be casting the tournament.

The prize purse will include a grand total of 100.000 SEK ($15,000).

Along with FRAGNET, sponsors include: DreamHack, AMD, SAPPHIRE, XMG, and ASTRO Gaming. For more information, visit FRAGNET @ Dreamhack Winter, or register your team at DreamHack Winter 2013.



National ESL Announces Inaugural BF3 Tournament

The North American division of the Electronic Sports League, National ESL, has announced the opening of its first Battlefield 3 tournament, the Go4BF3 Cup, to be held this Sunday, December 11th. With no cost to enter, the tournament offers 32 teams the chance to compete in 8v8 Conquest across five maps for a shot at the $100 first place prize. While that sort of money might seem small compared to the larger prize pots for the Alienware Arena and Newegg Wanfest tournaments, ESL’s Go4BF3 cups are unique in that all of the tournament matches take place within a very short span of time (usually only a day or two), and are run on a weekly basis. The European division of ESL is already on it’s fourth Go4BF3 cup since Battlefield 3’s launch with each cup offering cash prizes of 100€ per cup. Even better, ESL also announced that they have just released the newest version of their anti-cheat client, ESL Wire, with fully functional Battlefield 3 support. In their news post announcing the new release, ESL claims that the client is able to detect all known cheats for Battlefield 3.

North American ESL Go4BF3 Cup #1:
When: Sunday, December 11th
What: 32 Teams, $100 for the First Place Winner
Cost: Free!

European ESL Go4BF3 Cup #5:
When: Sunday, December 11th
What: 64 Teams,100€ for the First Place Winner
Cost: Free!

For those who have never competed on ESL before, they have a handy quick-start guide that will walk you through all of the steps needed to get signed up and checked in for the tournament. The guide can be found here. ESL, like most of the BF3 leagues, has banned the IRNV and the tactical lights (on both primary and secondary weapons) from competition.

NewEgg Wanfest Launches $2500 BF3 PC Tournament

Just this weekend Newegg Wanfest announced the opening of signups for an online Battlefield 3 tournament that will run from Monday, December 19th, to Sunday, January 8th. Like all Wanfest tournaments, it is free to enter with cash prizes being awarded to the top three teams left standing: $500 for third place, $750 for second place, and a solid $1,250 for the first place team. The format for the tournament is currently listed as 5v5 Squad Rush with each match being determined by best two of three maps. Teams earn points by blowing up M-COM sites with the map winner being determined by who has the most points after playing both attacker and defender.

The tournament tweaks some of the default Squad Rush settings in order to achieve a better competitive balance. The rules note that Mortars are currently disallowed; this is in order to prevent teams from spamming the M-COM site on defense or while protecting it on attacker. Also, each team is limited to only one Assault player at a time. Players can pick Assault kits up off the ground if they come by them but only one player can be spawned in as the Assault “skin” at any one time.

Newegg has a history of running PC tournaments for the Battlefield series with their most recent event being the Summer 2010 Bad Company 2 Squad Rush tournament that had more than 100 teams competing for similar cash prizes. It’s always great to see tournaments for the Battlefield series, but it’s even better when there is money on the line! With this tournament by Newegg and the Alienware Arena event, Battlefield 3 eSports is starting off with a bang. What are you waiting for? Get over and get your team signed up to get in on the action.

This is David “jackelpdw” Dennis, and I’m one of the newest faces here at Battlefieldo. As a long-time competitive Battlefield player,  I hope to provide coverage and analysis of the Battlefield 3 competitive scene that will appeal to both the competitors themselves and casual fans of the series. Additionally, for those guys and gals who were always interested in competing but never gave it a shot, I’ll shed light on the who, what, where, when, and why of playing competitively to make it easier for you to get in on the action. I’m stoked to be here, and if you ever have any questions about the competitive BF3 community please feel free to drop me a line on the forums and I’ll be happy to get back to you.