BF4 Enters the E-Sports Arena


Battlefield has yet to be a serious contender in the competitive scene, but times are changing. This time around, we’re told that Battlefield 4 was made with competitive gaming and E-sports in mind.

This morning, it was announced that Battlefield 4 leagues and tournaments will be held by the Electronic Sports Leagues (ESL). Both professional and amateur players alike will now be able to compete for victory, as well as cash prizes.

There will be four leagues in the ESL that showcase Battlefield 4:

Versus: Both amateur teams and individuals can polish their competitive skills in this league. It includes tools to create your own team, ESL’s matchmaking system, and anti-cheat solutions to ensure fair play.

A-Series: Players who want to get used to the E-sports environment will enjoy this league. It features three series: The European A-series, a pan-European online league, and the National A-series in the following countries: UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Russia and Spain. The best teams from the series will qualify for the EMS One.

Go4 Battlefield 4: Teams who want to take it up a notch professionally will step it up to compete for cash prizes in this league. Matches will occur every weekend, the first one held as soon as November 10th.

EMS One: Beginning this December, the best of the best Battlefield contenders will be able to duke it out online. Four competitive seasons will span the course of one year. Live event finals will follow, including a total of €120,000 in prizes to fight for.


Battlefield 4 is especially tailored for competitive play with its new spectator mode. Two game modes will be featured in the ESL: Domination and Defuse. It is yet unknown whether more game types will make an appearance in the future, but these two were also mentioned by Daniel Matros during gamescom 2013.

For more information on competitive league play for ESL, you can visit the official Battlefield 4 ESL portal.