Battlefield 4: Campaign Tag Hunt

If you’re ready for a break from multiplayer madness–but still in the mood for some Battlefield fun–how about going on a campaign tag hunt? Even with the official guide, I noticed these tags can be really hard to find. Never fear, I’ve taken the time to hunt them down for you! If you have trouble, just stop by and have a look at the walkthrough below. You’ll have all the single player tags in no time!

Spoiler Alert:

I’ve done my best to avoid giving away any important details of the storyline, but some details were necessary in order to describe the tag locations. If you are dead set on being completely surprised by the campaign, I highly suggest you play through the campaign for the story first. Then you can go back through on easy difficulty in order to find any tags you may have missed!




This dog tag is the very first one you’ll find. And by find I mean that it’s basically handed to you on a silver platter. Don’t get used to that! The tag is obtained at the beginning of the campaign during the tutorial portion. After going up the stairs, it’s in the first door you are prompted to open. Check the left wall on the bulletin board.



This tag is a big tricky. After dropping down into the courtyard and fighting, you’ll go into the room that the last set of enemies came from (this is the way you’ll be going anyway). Go down the stairs, but do not drop into the hole with your squad. Instead, jump over the hole (angle to the left). The dog tag will be on the third window from the right.



After the helicopter scene, you’ll be prompted to help Sergeant Dunn. Before you do, go past him and around the front of the burning helicopter. The tag is through the passenger window.



After exiting the van, Pac and Irish will head to a gate. Instead of following them, turn right under the red neon sign. Follow the alley as it winds around until you are able to turn left (there will be a white neon sign here). Go to the end and turn right. The tag is stuck to a door on the left.



This tag is in the Skyscraper. After you get your gun in the elevator and reach the top floor, exit the elevator and turn around. The tag is above the elevator door.



Following the tank chase, you’ll have to run through the alleys to head towards the waterfront. You will reach a more open area in the alleys that has a couple of trees. The tree on the right has a red neon sign over it and there is a gate just past the tree. The tag is on the right side of the gate.



After speaking with the Marine, walk straight down the hallway. You will pass one open cabin on the right hand side. When you get to the second open cabin, go inside (there is a fire hose on the wall next to the entrance). The tag is on the wall over the pillow on the upper right bunk.



This tag is underwater during the swimming sequence. After swimming through the door into the room where you will climb out of the water, you’ll swim past the green glowstick towards the white oval door in front of you. The tag is to the left of the white door, near the upper corner.



When you make it to the deck of the ship, this tag will be off to the right. You can pick it up after killing infantry and the helicopter boss fight (which is in the opposite direction, so you’ll have to backtrack a little). There will be a burning helicopter near the edge of the deck, and the collectible is inside the passenger window (again). Be sure to pick it up before heading back to Kovic and the rest of the squad.



After landing on the beach, kill the first wave of enemies. There will be a white sailboat that has washed up onto the shore on the left-hand side. Go around to the side of the boat that is facing the water, the tag is stuck to the hull of the boat.



You will drop down into a cafe/bar after fighting all of the tanks and infantry. The squad stops here to discuss the mission before going forward. That’s your cue to look behind the bar on the floor (if you walk around the bar the tag will be on the left).



After crossing the bridge with the huge red neon sign and going up the stairs, you’ll enter the large hangar. Stay against the wall on the metal walkway, working your way around without drawing enemy attention until you are in front of the large passenger jet. You’ll need to drop and run under the plane towards the rear to find the metal stairs leading to the wing. Jump onto the wing and grab the tag from the door.


CAGECAGE FIGHTER (Kunlun Mountains):

During the prison escape scene after you help Irish, follow everyone into the room with the lockers and turn right instead of left. There is a group of lockers on the wall in front of you. To the left there is a cell door. The tag is inside the door on the left. It’s very dark here so be sure to keep moving around until the prompt pops up.



After exiting the elevator, you’ll head left  into the loading bay. Go up the first ladder to the left. Just past the over walk you’ll see an opening to a stairway. To the right of this opening is an electrical box, and the tag is just above that.



Instead of going up the ramp to the tram, go under the bridge. If you look over the edge of the platform, you’ll see the tag right below you (it’s right in the center).



Just before you reach the bridge to Old Town, you’ll see a huge building with two large blue sheets hanging in the stairway. Parked next to it is a large white truck with a blue trailer. Blow up the trailer, the tag is in the back near the truck’s cab.



After shooting down the helicopter, cross the container and drop down. Take the ramp up the left hand side up to the trailer, and take the stairs to the roof. Jump across to the wooden platform. The tag is on the wooden board in front of you.



 Once you land on the back of the carrier and kill the enemies, go forward until you see a large plane with giant propellors on the left. The plane actually shows up on the minimap. You’ll either have to run up the propellor or jump up on the nose to get onto the back of the plane. The tag is on the left vertical tail fin when you’re facing the rear of the plane.



After entering the medbay, check the last curtained bed on the right. The dog tag will be right in the middle of the stretcher.



These last three tags are awarded depending on the choice you make at the end of the campaign.   So yes, you’ll have to play through the final chapter three separate times in order to get them all:




I hope this guide proves helpful. I had a really fun–and challenging–time trying to find these tags throughout the levels. Hopefully you’ll have fun too! If you have any questions or comments be sure to post them below. Happy hunting!