China Rising Map Previews: Xbox One

Grab your 40x scope and a dirt bike, folks, because we’re coming in hot for the newest DLC release for Battlefield 4. Follow along for some breathtaking tours around the newest maps included in BF4′s first technical DLC release – China Rising.

Altai Range

Guilin Peaks

Silk Road

Dragon Pass

China Rising will be available on December 3rd for Premium members. Which map are you most looking forward to dominating? Let us know!

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Unlock Weapons and Gadgets with China Rising Assignments

Yesterday, we told you about the weapons and gadgets that were on their way with the upcoming China Rising expansion. Wondering how to get your hands on them? Never fear! In true Battlefield fashion, these new toys will be unlockable by completing assignments (they couldn’t just let us have them for free, right)? Luckily, Battlefield assignments involve shooting stuff and blowing things up. Perfect.


 Here is the list of weapons and gadgets, and their respective assignments:


As we know, five weapons will be available with this DLC, and each one has it’s own unique set of requirements in order to obtain. If you’re in the market for these, here’s how to get them:


Assignment: Open Fire

Assault ribbon x3
Get a kill with a pistol in a round
Get a kill with 40mm grenade in a round
Get a kill with the defibrillator in a round


Assignment: Need Only One

Sniper ribbon x3
Get a kill with a shotgun in a round
Get a kill with a DMR in a round
Get a kill with C4 in a round


Assignment: Multitalented

Get a kill with an AR
Get a kill with a LMG
Get a kill with a Sniper Rifle
Get a kill with a grenade


Assignment: Powder Keg

LMG ribbon 3x
Get a kill with the M224 Mortar


Assignment: Make A Dent

Destroy an air vehicle with portable AA
Anti Vehicle Ribbon x3




Two really cool gadgets make their way onto the Battlefield, and–with the information we have so far–they don’t seem quite as easy to get as the weapons above. I, for one, am not much of a pilot–I’m a boots on the ground kind of girl…but maybe some of you will enjoy this kind of thing. Here are the assignment details for obtaining these new-to-the-series gadgets:


Assignment: Safe Raiding

Get a kill with the bombing raid


Assignment: Eyes in the Sky

Air Superiority Ribbon x1
Jet Fighter Ribbon x3


Apparently, for those of you who just love the glory of achieving there is an extra assignment just for you. There is no word on any reward for completing this yet. Of course, that could change, and if we get any information to that effect we’ll let you know!

Additional Assignment: Middle King

10 Hours China Rising
5 Kill streak
1 Kill with SUAV

 So, which weapon or gadget will you be working on unlocking first? Let us know in the comments below!

China Rising: Weapons and Gadgets

China Rising will be released in December for Battlefield 4, and we can’t wait! Check out the weapons and gadgets that are on the way with this expansion:


China Rising brings us the following weapons:

  • MP7
  • MTAR-21
  • RPK-74M
  • L85A2
  • L96A1

I’m glad to see my beloved MP7 make it’s way back to me. Welcome home, friend. What’s your favorite weapon from the above?



This gadget looks similar to a mortar, in which it’s placed on the ground. You’ll fire with a handheld device, and then be able to guide an airburst warhead to your target. It appears quite similar to the Switchblade in Medal of Honor: Warfighter, but the maneuverability is increased. Instead of a fairly straight trajectory, you can now move left and right and even circle around towards your target of choice.



Again, if you played Medal of Honor: Warfighter, you’ve already been exposed to a similar example on how this gadget works. It’s a mini-airplane that is thrown by hand, except in this case you become the pilot after deploying the gadget. You can fly the skies and laser designate targets for your team.

German Bundeswehr On ISAF Deployment In Afghanistan

These weapons and gadgets give us even more to look forward to with this DLC. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out the map names for China Rising that we released yesterday. December can’t come fast enough!


The Low-down on Upcoming BF4 DLC


As we know, Second Assault will feature four popular re-imagined maps from Battlefield 3. What will be different about these maps, and what would make us want to play them again? Today, we’re treated to a few of the specifics we can expect to see, including new Levolution events, weapons, a returning game mode, and reports of an “all-new” vehicle.



 Operation Metro

The map that everyone loves to hate is back like a bad relationship. The new Operation Metro 2014 is set two years later and features post-nuclear Paris. The subway tunnels we all know and love are now flooded. Players will be able to destroy the ceilings to create new routes. Plus, elevators are now operational!

 Caspian Border

We were treated to a first view of this level in the BF4 Showdown event. The once destroyed communications tower in the middle of the map is intact, and players can  use it to maintain a presence at the central base….until it’s taken down that is! A concrete wall winds around the map, changing the flow of game play. Spiked bollards can be raised to deter vehicles.

 Operation Firestorm

The new Operation Firestorm will actually be a fire-storm. The pipelines of the refinery will be destructible, causing flammable hazards to spread.

 Gulf of Oman

On the redefined Oman, players will fight through a raging sandstorm that rolls into the Battlefield. Try sniping through that!


Here is a brief listing of what’s coming with the Second Assault DLC:

  • Five new weapons
  • An all-new vehicle
  • Ten assignments

In addition to this, Capture the Flag makes its way back from Battlefield 3! This is a personal favorite of mine, and I think it will be an interesting twist to play this mode on the re-created vanilla BF3 maps. What do you think?


As usual, December comes bearing gifts, including the new China Rising DLC. DICE promises us all-new vehicles and “high-tech military equipment”. As with Second Assault, four maps will be included in the China Rising DLC.


Here are the names of the four maps, along with some sneak peek images!

  • Silk Road
  • Altai Range
  • Guilin Peaks
  • Dragon Pass




Two land and air vehicles have been promised, the dirt-bike being one of the favorites returning from BF3′s End Game DLC. Jet pilots will be pleased to know that the Air Superiority game mode will be making a comeback as well.


Naval Strike will storm the Battlefield in Spring 2014. Coming Summer 2014, Dragon’s Teeth will feature urban warfare. The last expansion, Final Stand, is also tentatively slated for Summer 2014. We’ll bring you all the latest DLC news as it’s released, so stay tuned!