BF3CC Update: v0.3 alpha

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Today, a large update to BF3CC Server tool has been released featuring a wide spectrum of updates. With BF3CC installed, you will be prompted to update upon restart of the application.  If you have yet to get your hands on BF3cc, you can do so by visiting the BF3CC website. It’s great to see an update released so fast with only a week after initial release. Join the community of BF3CC users and add your feedback for future versions!

v0.3 Alpha Change List

Known issues:

  • cannot change crosshair/punkbuster on config.
  • move player numbers aren’t always accurate
  • very busy servers may lose their playerlist’s right-click menu, may need to reconnect to regain

Quick Connect

  • fixed issue with passwords
  • added rule to password on Quick Connect to ensure one is entered

Server Manager

  • added validation so you enter proper data

New Features

  • Export chat log (right click in chat box)
  • Copy indidivual or multiple messages from chat box (ctrl / shift + click to select, then right-click to copy)
  • Copy log messages to clipboard in LOG
  • Oh yes, we added a log viewer


  • Added events to chat log to view deaths, joins, leaves, and commands executed in BF3CC


  • Added changelog accessible from Help menu


  • Fixed issue with playerlist sorting getting destroyed occasionally
  • Fixed issue causing inaccurate playerlist


  • added presets. Select one and fields with highlighted indicators must be static to conform to that preset. Will automatically select the right preset for you
  • added help tips next to labels that look like a question mark. Hover over for details.
  • added busy/saved indicators so you know if fields are saving or successfully saved
    NOTE: currently all fields are saved regardless of change, we are working to fix the core issue resulting in this requirement
  • share (import/export) team killing rules. It’s hard to get these right so you can easily share with others if you find a nice setup
  • copy generated server vars to clipboard. Paste these into your startup.txt for persistence
  • export an actual startup.txt for safe keeping


  • fixed issue with refreshing list
  • filter by token and reason, just start typing.


  • execute server commands directly on the server. You must know the server commands, so find the server documentation for how to use them.


  • major overhaul on server connection to increase response
  • fixed several bugs in connection to server
  • updated protocol for several commands
  • fixed bugs in some commands
  • added events handle in several controllers
  • added log controller, for logging of all communication between server and CC
  • Added initial code for Plugin
  • overhaul on Playerlist, fixes several sync issues