Back to Karkand Screenshot Beauty

With the release of Back to Karkand on the PC, comes it’s true level of beauty. Playing the levels, you really get a sense of Battlefield 2 in a new light. For those of you still waiting to download or to those still considering buying Back to Karkand, here is a batch of screenshots from Wake Island, Gulf of Oman, Sharqi Peninsula and Strike at Karkand to please your appetite.

BF3′s Back to Karkand Launches!

That’s right, Back to Karkand has just launched for the PC Platform and Xbox360. The madness is beginning and already the karkand servers are starting to fill up. This is another exciting stepping stone for the battlefield community and be sure to come back tomorrow night for the unveiling of our very own surprise! Through the course of the day we will have our teamspeak server open to the public (IP: and maybe even a few special guests! In the meantime, head over to battlelog and get pumping in Karkand’s 4 new BF3 maps! Don’t forget to register for our forums.

Here’s the final trailer in the Back to Karkand series!

The “Big Battlefieldo Secret” – Hint #1

Here’s your first hint…

The major announcement will be mid-week. We’re launching our new Website, in conjunction we are going to be giving away Back To Karkand Codes to registered members, sign up now to qualify. We’ll be picking people registered on the site for code give-a-ways.


Very soon… =D

Tomorrow: Back To Karkand + X360 Patch

T-Minus 24 hours & counting…

We’re just one day away from the first downloadable content to Battlefield 3 on PC and Xbox 360. PlayStation 3 users have been playing it since last week (LUCKY). There has been an explosion of reviews, and overviews on the Back To Karkand Expansion. The official Battlefield Twitter just posted that tomorrow between 10-11am CET they are performing maintenance on Xbox and PC platforms.

We’ve asked our own Luetin (PS3) to provide us with as much sneak peek footage and overview to Back to Karkand as possible, be sure to watch his video here:

B2k Overview:

Assignments Overview:

F-35B Basic Overview:

Xbox Update:

For all you Xbox Players who have patiently been waiting for a patch, good news is you’ll be getting it tomorrow, here are some of the patch notes that the PS3 received last week, we expect the Xbox 360 notes to be mostly identical.


General fixes 

• Significant improvements to the Squad Join interface, full details in this earlier blog post
• Removed FIND ME A SQUAD option
• Allow players to join empty Squads alone, thus having 1/4 Squad members
• Change order of options to LEAVE SQUAD, INV A FRIEND, SWITCH TEAM
• Disable Privacy flag when 1 man Squad
• Reset Privacy flag from Private to Public when Squad drops to 1 player
• All occupied Squads will now show up colored blue on the Squad selection screen
• Players who choose not to join Squads will also show up as Blue in the “Not in a Squad” line
• Squads that are currently empty will display as white — if you wish to join an empty Squad, you can choose the first one marked with white text
• Added round duration and ticket summary at end of round screen
• Fixed sound for when climbing ladders
• Fixed and issue with some weapons’ sounds in first person view
• Fixed a swim sound loop error
• You should no longer be able to damage a friendly vehicle when sitting in an open position
• Grenades now drop to ground if you get killed while attempting to throw it
• Spawn protection now should work in Conquest so you no longer should spawn too close to enemies
• You should no longer spawn too close to enemies in TDM and SQDM
• Fix for missing input restriction during intro movie, causing players to potentially fall and die while watching movie if moving controller (or having a controller with a bad stick zone)
• Combat areas on Kharg Island in Rush mode tweaked in order to disallow defenders to access the carrier ship after first base is taken and being able to enter the AA gun
• Fixed a problem with revived players not being able to get suppressed
• Fixed a problem with the camera when being revived in co-op
• Spotting VO now plays when spotting from MAV/EOD bot
• Fixed several issues regarding the kill card, including showing wrong weapons used for the kill
• Fixed that sometimes you would be stuck on a black screen when kicked from server
• Fixed so when a team captures two flags at the same time, the UI does not show wrong owner of the flag
• Fixed a problem where the capture progress bar was shown as friendly when the enemy was capturing
• Fixed a problem with the bipod deploy sound
• Fixed a problem that you could be spawned in with no weapons after being killed while using the EOD bot
• Fixed problems with health bars not displaying health properly when using EOD bots
• Fixed a problem with flickering name tags
• Fixed a problem where you could damage friendly helicopters
• Fixed a problem where you could get stuck in the co-op menu when attempting to join the session twice
• You should now be able to spot explosives
• You should no longer spawn in home base if your selected spawn point is disabled while waiting to spawn (e.g. if your teammate dies right before you are about to spawn)
• Damage from bullets will now continue to cause damage even after the firing user is dead
• Fixed several client crashes
• Fixed a problem where players could get stuck in the join queue
• Fixed the repair icon on the minimap
• Fixed a problem with changing camera on certain vehicles
• Fixed a problem with the grenade indicator when in guided missile mode
• Fixed a problem where the machine could hard lock when joining a public coop game
• Fixed a problem where the headset attached icon would not show up in the UI
• Fixed a problem with the falling antenna on Caspian Border. It should now more instantly kill anyone in its falling path
• Fixed a problem where tank turrets would turn too slow
• Fixed a bug on co-op mission “Exfiltration” where you could end up outside the vehicle and not being able to enter it again, thus blocking the mission
• Fixed a problem where a user can become invulnerable after being resurrected
• Fixed a problem with the M60 reload sound
• Fixed a hang in terrain streaming, causing the user to get stuck on black screen under special circumstances in single player
• Fixed a problem where the enemy would not be able to get a road kill on a user that was using the SOFLAM
• Fixed soldiers disappearing in the mortar kill cam
• Fix for Type88 and MG36 zoom in animation offset when in supported shooting mode (using bipods)

Balance changes 

• Increased the damage of helicopter miniguns, AA guns, and jet cannons against infantry
• Increased the damage of helicopter miniguns against jeeps
• Reduced the physics impact of AA guns and jet cannons so players under attack from these weapons no longer should lose control
• Increased the damage of the 44 Magnum slightly
• Increased the range and minimum damage of the .357 Round from the MP412 Rex
• Increased the range of all .45cal and 9mm weapons
• Slightly increased the range of the P90 and MP7 and PDW-R
• Slightly increased the range of the 5.56mm PDW-R and decreased the minimum damage at long range
• Slightly increased the minimum range of the Mk11, SVD, and M39 EMR 7.62mm rifles
• Decreased the maximum damage and maximum range of the G3 and SCAR-H 7.62mm weapons
• Reduced the damage from FIM-92 and SA-18 IGLA missiles against aircraft
• Increased the damage and range of the 40mm BUCK rounds
• Reduced the damage .50cal weapons do against helicopters
• Updated T90 canister shell tweaks to match Abrams canister shells



VGA 2011, Frostbite’s New Game and B2K

Last night the Video Game Awards 2011 took place with Battlefield 3 being Nominated for Best PC Game of the Year and Best Shooter of the year. Unfortunately it didn’t win either of the prizes but one game can’t be the victor of everything! If you want to check out the list of nominees and winner, see this page. During the VGA 2011, EA announced it’s newest title, Command and Conquer: Generals 2 which will be making use of DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine. It’s great to see the C&C series coming back with the glory of Frostbite 2. Here is a video teaser of the new C&C:

For the past week, Playstation 3 players have had a chance to g et the Back to Karkand DLC one week early. Now this coming this Tuesday (December 13th, 2011), PC / Xbox360 players will get their hands on. Already reviews have started coming in and it looks like the BF2 revival actually happened. The mainstream gaming sites seem quite pleased as does the PS3 community. Here are a few articles courtesy of the Official Battlefield Blog

IGN: “Back to Karkand Revitalizes Familiar Roads”
Kotaku: “Should You Buy Battlefield 3’s Back to Karkand? Yes.”
Now Gamer review: 9/10
Gamingtruth review: 9.75/10


F-35B (STOVL) Basic overview

In this video we take a basic overview at the new fighter jet on Battlefield 3 the F-35B as well as some hints on how to learn to fly and control the aircraft. This Jet allows vertical take off and landing as well as the ability to hover to improve engagement with ground enemies.

Future Balance Updates V2

DICE Developer, Alan “Demize99″ Kertz has made a post on battlelog lining Future Balance updates. While none of these are guarenteed to make their way into future updates, it give you an idea what things they are looking at. If there are things you would like to see changed, be sure to head over to the Battlelog forum thread. Here is the complete list:

It’s important to note:
• This list is provided as a way for the Community to give us feedback on potential Balance changes to the game.
• This list is specifically focused on Balance changes. Feature requests and bug fixes are purposefully absent from this list.
• There is no guarantee that any of these Balance changes will make it into a future update at all, nor is this list a guarantee that there will be future updates


  •  Slightly increased the AEK971 recoil.
  • Slightly increased the ASVAL recoil.
  • Added Extended Mags to the ASVAL.
  • Slightly increased the recoil on the M249.
  • Reduced the recoil of the SKS rifle.
  • Fixed aimed firing max accuracy on the Pecheneg to be consistent with other LMGs.
  • Slightly reduced the recoil of the F2000 and restored it to the previous base accuracy.
  • Semiautomatic and automatic shotguns firing FRAG rounds now do slightly less splash damage.
  • Increased the damage of the G3, M60, and M240 at close range.
  • Claymores can now detonate from vehicles and can be used to disable jeeps or kill the passengers in light jeeps. Claymores will not do any damage to heavy vehicles.
  • Reduced the spot times on C4 and Claymore projectiles from 30 to 15 sec.
  • The Radio Beacon, Mortar, Mav, EOD bot, T-UGS, and SOFLAM should now be much easier to deploy.
  • C4 will no longer be detonatable after a player respawns, if the player is revived within 5 seconds he can still detonate his C4.
  • The player may now have a maximum number of mines which will persist after the player’s death. Deploying more than the maximum of 6 mines will remove a previous mine from the world.

  • Claymores now also persist through death, the player can have 2 claymores planted.
  • 9x39mm rounds no longer benefit from the Sniper headshot bonus.
  • Increased the damage of the 9x39mm rounds.
  • Fixed the AKS74u damage at max range, it was incorrectly higher than other carbines.
  • Increased the damage of the .357 and .44 magnum rounds at max range.
  • All semiautomatic and bolt weapons, including all shotgun slugs, now have their maximum damage out to 15m.
  • Semiautomatic sniper rifles, Assault Rifles, LMGs, and shotgun slugs now have more consistent damage over long range.
  • Tweaked IRNV to be more consistent across all levels.
  • Fixed a rendering issue with IRNV view when taking damage.
  • Tweaked the IRNV zoom times and scope visible areas to be the same across all weapons (some were faster than others).
  • Fixed the QBU-88 sniper and the L96 IRNV scopes to use the proper aiming reticule.
  • The spread for Flechette rounds has been reduced slightly on all shotguns.
  • The spread for buckshot has been reduced on the M1014, DAO-12, and S12k. These weapons have an accuracy advantage over the USAS12 but are not as accurate as the 870.
  • Semiautomatic weapons will no longer “jam” if the player presses fire faster than the weapon is capable of shooting. Some semi automatic weapons have had their rates of fire adjusted to fit this change.

  • Slightly reduced the effective blast radius of the RPG, SMAW, and 40mm grenade projectiles against infantry.
  • Reduced the total number of RPG and SMAW missiles carried from 5 to 4.
  • Tank rounds will now instantly destroy Jets, Attack Helicopters, and Scout Helicopters.
  • Fixed a problem when locking on to two nearby targets, the locking should no longer jump rapidly between multiple targets.
  • Significantly increased the damage of the Javelin and Air to Ground missiles against laser designated targets.
  • Javelin missiles fired without laser targeting now do more damage to the side and rear of MBTs.
  • Slightly reduced the locking time of all weapons vs Laser Designated targets.
  • Increased the locking distance for Jets when locking on laser designated targets.
  • Slightly reduced the repair speed of the repair tool.
  • Increased the damage the MBT’s primary weapon does to other main battle tanks.
  • AA Missiles should no longer kill the pilot instead of the vehicle.
  • Reduced the damage AA missiles do to jets.
  • Stinger and IGLA missiles now do 50% damage to Jets, Attack Helicopters, and Scout Helicopters.
  • Slightly reduced the damage of Jet cannons.
  • Increased RPG and SMAW damage against aircraft.
  • Guided Rockets will now only track ground targets, as originally intended.
  • Reduced the direct damage done by helicopter gunners vs armor.
  • Helicopter guns should now suppress correctly.
  • Improved the accuracy of the Mi28 gun to match the AH1 gun.
  • Increased the direct hit damage of the APFSDS rounds for the IFVs.
  • Miniguns and Helicopter Gunners now more quickly destroy parked cars.
  • Increased the power of explosions from cars and other explosive static objects.
  • Dying from the explosion of a car or other explosive static object should now correctly credit the player who caused the explosion.
  • Adjusted the F35′s Center of Mass and Lift Engine for more stable, level flight.
  • Updated the F35 weapon systems to be consistent with the other air craft.
  • Changed the Kornets to TOW launchers on Wake Island and moved the spawn position of the AAV to a more level position.
  • Fixed several bugs with air vehicles colliding with objects at high speeds and taking no damage.
  • Players will no longer receive suicides or team kills if they crash their vehicle (dying is punishment enough).
  • You can now spot with the EODbot.
  • Increased the spawn protection time from 1sec to 2sec. The protection will still be immediately canceled as soon as the player moves or shoots.
  • Spawn protection will no longer be canceled by the player looking around.
  • Slightly increased the speed at which a player can shoot again after sprinting.
  • Fixed some situations that would unintentionally make a player unrevivable.
  • Reduced the black screen fade in time on spawn.


National ESL Announces Inaugural BF3 Tournament

The North American division of the Electronic Sports League, National ESL, has announced the opening of its first Battlefield 3 tournament, the Go4BF3 Cup, to be held this Sunday, December 11th. With no cost to enter, the tournament offers 32 teams the chance to compete in 8v8 Conquest across five maps for a shot at the $100 first place prize. While that sort of money might seem small compared to the larger prize pots for the Alienware Arena and Newegg Wanfest tournaments, ESL’s Go4BF3 cups are unique in that all of the tournament matches take place within a very short span of time (usually only a day or two), and are run on a weekly basis. The European division of ESL is already on it’s fourth Go4BF3 cup since Battlefield 3’s launch with each cup offering cash prizes of 100€ per cup. Even better, ESL also announced that they have just released the newest version of their anti-cheat client, ESL Wire, with fully functional Battlefield 3 support. In their news post announcing the new release, ESL claims that the client is able to detect all known cheats for Battlefield 3.

North American ESL Go4BF3 Cup #1:
When: Sunday, December 11th
What: 32 Teams, $100 for the First Place Winner
Cost: Free!

European ESL Go4BF3 Cup #5:
When: Sunday, December 11th
What: 64 Teams,100€ for the First Place Winner
Cost: Free!

For those who have never competed on ESL before, they have a handy quick-start guide that will walk you through all of the steps needed to get signed up and checked in for the tournament. The guide can be found here. ESL, like most of the BF3 leagues, has banned the IRNV and the tactical lights (on both primary and secondary weapons) from competition.

BF3 Back To Karkand Easter Eggs

Back to Karkand: Easter Eggs!

So far… two Easter Eggs have been found in the newest Battlefield 3 DLC “Back To Karkand”. The first is a “Thanks Plate” with a message from DICE, the Battlefield Franchise Developer, which is thanking all the veterans of the Battlefield Franchise. The second is a toy Dinosaur also hidden in the new map Back to Karkand Map “Wake Island”. As many battlefield franchise fans know, the Dino has long been a tease from the development about the possibility of a “Jurassic Mode” which you could battle with or around dinosaurs.

Thanks Plate

Toy Dino