Patch Release Date Tomorrow?

Update 3: Unconfirmed rumors peg the release date on March 27th.

Update 2: Coming this afternoon :).

Update: The BF3 patch release date is coming within the next few hours, the patch will be announced today!

‘Battlefield 3 Patch’, this is one of the most popular keywords relating to BF3 right now, and it makes sense. The next BF3 patch has been talked about by developers and gaming sites like this one since December. Over the past few weeks there’s been multiple comments by DICE and EA officials about the next patch, teasing plenty of new features. One thing that the developers are hesitant to talk about, is when these fixes will actually be released. But on Twitter today, DICE’s head CM, Daniel Matros stated that he hopes to be able to announce the release date of the next Battlefield 3 patch.

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