No Patch In February, But More Stuff In The Future

As was expected, there was not a patch released in the month of February for Battlefield 3. Over the past couple of months the community was given many promises towards more features, but these features have yet to be integrated. Last week we were all graced with an extensive rough draft fix-list for Battlefield 3. February is now gone and there was no patch released in February, there still hasn’t been an announcement as towards when this patch will be released either.

Posted Image

Another hot topic concerning the future of Battlefield 3 is DLC. BF3 was supposed to have 3x the amount of DLC as BC2 did (roughly 21 items). Only two items have been released thus far (PWP and B2K). As you can see in the above image, more promised DLC plans, but no announcements.

So we wait…