No BF3 Patch Release Date… Yet

Last week, DICE’s Daniel Matros tweeted to a user expressing his hope for the Battlefield 3 patch release date to be announced soon. Matros was optimistic and hoped that the community would receive information by Friday the 16th. Unfortunately, this date has come and gone, with no word.


@Ghost_LeaderBG many reasons. We work longer on them, EA cert process and better to make all backend changes at once. Quality before rushing

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Gustav Halling, Battlefield 3’s lead designer answered a user’s question concerning the patch as well. The team has been busy for the past year and a half, deeply focused on Battlefield 3. The team celebrated not only BF3’s success, but DICE’s 20th anniversary by taking the team to Dubai. The team is back, and the patch is expected soon. Last week, it was revealed that the Battlefield 3 patch was in Sony and Microsoft’s certification process. This process takes about two – three weeks. Given the past, the community should expect the next Battlefield 3 patch no later than April 6th.