Latest BF3 Patch – Now Out On PS3

After a few months, the latest Battlefield 3 patch has finally arrived! Today, it has arrived on just PS3, but the patch will also arrive on the Xbox 360 and PC soon.

The patch brought a five-flag layout for the map “Wake Island,” making it similar to it’s PC counterpart. Players can now rent servers from DICE, this will allow gaming clans to have their own server. There are a decent amount of features too, including: custom banners, game-mode, region, server name, and even intricate details like idle times.

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New players can now jump up to and be ready to fight BF3 veterans with ‘Shortcuts’. If players wish, they can now purchase their way to weapons and unlocks. There are ten total kits.


Kit Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items unique to the four playable classes
Vehicle Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items for all vehicles
The Ultimate Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items from all other available shortcut packs

PS3 players are encouraged to re-download Back to Karkand if they have it, as important fixes have effected it. Players who have already started playing the new patch have reported a much crisper looking game, strong weapons have been balanced/weakened, and many players have noted that jets are a bit underpowered. Once you get a chance to play the new Battlefield 3 patch make sure to leave your comments on it below.