Inside DICE #1

Recently, DICE promised the community more interaction and communication concerning Battlefield 3. DICE has started this by presenting an Inside DICE feature on the Battlefield Blog. This first blog is an introduction of things to come and is from KM Troedsson (DICE’s General Manager). The point of Inside DICE is to interact with Battlefield 3 fans as much as possible, so tell them what you want to see! We’d like to see more information about the weapons in Battlefield 3.


We are happy to present the brand new “Inside DICE” series! This is where all of our fans will get candid and personal reflections directly from the people working with Battlefield 3 and our expansion packs and updates. First out is DICE General Manager Karl Magnus Troedsson, revealing his thoughts on community transparency and on returning to GDC one year after the big Battlefield 3 presentation.