Donya Fortress

Ziba Tower was the first map for the up and coming Close Quarters DLC to be previewed, today we now have a trailer for Donya Fortress. This map appears to be set in a villa setting, players will engage one another in tunnels, a court yard, and of course hallways. The HD destruction really shines with dust raining from the ceiling and papers flying about.


Our second gameplay trailer from the upcoming expansion pack Battlefield 3™: Close Quarters showcases the map Donya Fortress in all its destructive glory. You can also see the new game mode Conquest Domination in action, being a mix of the tactical classic Conquest mode and the instant action gameplay featured on these tight maps.

The trailer shows off the new Conquest Domination mode and another new weapon, the JNG-90:

Posted Image

So what’s your opinion on Donya Fortress and Battlefield 3: Close Quarters?