DICE Promises Changes Based on Beta Feedback

Today on the official Battlefield website, Vincent Vukovic has addressed some of the concerns from the beta that have surfaced over the past weeks. He acknowledged the following problems, and has assured fans that they are working to get them taken care of in time for the game’s final release:  


  • Low frame rate and/or stuttering
  • Getting stuck on loading screens
  • High CPU usage for dual, quad, and six-core processors
  • The elevator catapult bug

In addition to these issues, several game play balancing concerns are in the process of being dealt with. Below is a condensed list of some of the changes we can expect to see in the final product:


  • Improved sound/camera effects when the player is damaged/killed in order to increase responsiveness
  • Reduced the fire rate of the AK12 in burst mode from 1000rpm to 750rpm
  • Adjusted both the compensator and muzzle brake to make them less accurate in sustained auto fire
  • Rebalanced the accuracy of automatic weapons based on ROF
  • Increased the throw-able distance of portable ammo/med packs
  • Portable ammo packs will now instantly reload 2 magazines and up to 4 magazines over time. Explosive devices do not benefit from the instant reload function
  • Heightened muzzle flash effect of 25mm and 40mm launchers to increase the visibility of their position
  • Increased the revive time from 7 seconds to 10 seconds


  • Corrected some vehicle weapon descriptions
  • Increased Stinger/IGLA damage from 25% to 35% (3 hits to kill attack choppers)
  • Increased TOW guided missile speed from 50m/s to 75 m/s in order to help them catch fast moving vehicles
  • Increased the accuracy of the armored vehicle Coaxial LMG sustained fire
  • Decreased damage of the 40mm and 25mm infantry weapons towards armored vehicles
  • Reduced IFV main gun damage against other armor
  • Fixed the tank main gun to where it will now correctly hit the center of the crosshair
  • Improved responsiveness of steering during acceleration and added options for joystick controls on all platforms


  • RPG7 and SMAW will no longer be able to lock on to Laser Designated Targets
  • Fixed the warning system when projectiles are fired at vehicles on a Laser Designated target all_out_war_wtrmrk_1080
  • Lock on distance for MBT LAW has been reduced from 500m to 350m
  • Laser Designated missiles will now only do maximum damage of 90% to Attack and Scout helicopters, in order to allow the choppers to implement Fire Extinguisher against Laser Designated weaponry


  • The kill string in the score log will now show up sooner
  • The aim assist on consoles has been made more consistent at all ranges


  • Fixed language for “On Foot” key bindings that should have been listed as “CROUCH (TOGGLE) / PRONE (HOLD)”
  • Removed the “Underslung” key binding, which was unused (the “Select Gadget 1″ binding should control both of these actions)

If you experienced problems that are not listed above, DICE encourages you to continue to post your issues in the Battlelog Beta forums. Hopefully the issues found during the beta will lead to a more polished game for all of us to enjoy at launch!