Battlerecorder Exists, But Not Available To Battlefield 3 Players

A Battlefield 3 fan asked Roland Smedberg of DICE (senior video director) about how the game’s trailer are made. Smedberg responded with: “It’s a mix of Frostbite editor, battlerecorder and straight up 1p capture.” BF2 players will remember the powerful replay tool, titled the same. As BF3 was a sequel, many players hoped that BF3 would also get the powerful tool to look at replays, compile montages, and make movies. However, the tool never made it into the game and gamers have had to come up with some other creative methods for making videos.

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Knowing that it does exist, maybe the community will get to use it in the future. Neither DICE or EA have acknowledged the fact that it exists or if it will make it into the next Battlefield 3 patch. You can view the latest BF3 trailer here.