Battlelog App Still On The Way?

Are you a Battlefield 3 gamer constantly on the go? Then you’ve probably heard about the Battlelog App for iOS. Comparing and tracking stats on the go is an easy way to pass the time until you can get in on another round of BF3. However, there’s been some concern as to when this app will finally open up to the public.

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The app was announced with the Battlelog trailer which came out on September 30th last year. There’s still been some discussion in recent months about the app. The community has been hearing mostly things along the lines of, “it’s coming soonTM“. To pass the time, gamers have been downloading third party stat trackers and apparently Battlelog has a mobile version (which as of writing, I can’t seem to get it to work with iOS).

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@Battlefield’s response almost make’s it sound like the app is suspended/delayed.

After the most recent patch that took very long in much of the community’s eyes, some are wondering if there will be an app at all. Gamers did raise concerns over the lengthy patch delay, but the patch was released. So what’s your opinions on the Battlelog app, do you think it’s still on the way or suspended indefinitely?