Battlefield 3 – A Game of Choice

Battlefield 2 was one of the first games to offer unlocks and ranks to players in-game, this style has continued on into other games as well. And continuing in that fashion was Battlefield 3, if you’re a frequent player of BF3 then you probably have many unlocks already, but what are the setups for your gameplay style?

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In the most recent “Inside DICE”, Alan Kertz (core gameplay designer) discusses what it takes to keep BF3 balanced. Kertz also covers how the most recent patch has changed gameplay, while retaining balance. Are you a close quarters style gamer, run and gun, or a recon player? Check below for tips on what kit modifications will help you the most.

The most important part of Battlefield 3’s gameplay design is/was maintaining balance between players. Gamers may think that balance is a simple issue and that there’s no real need for it, but balance has been a critical component of the series. There is no silver bullet in any of the series’ games, everyone can be taken down. BF3 and it’s predecessors have utilized a rock, paper, scissors method of balancing, this is evident in the BF1942 cover (the one below is my GoTY edition):

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Some fans of the series think that the “Vehicle Disabled” bonus is some sort of realism induced point bonus to garner CoD fans when in fact it’s a critical balance measure. BF3 may have large landmass maps, but the simple truth is, is that the gameplay takes place in extremely tight areas, and this is a problem on vehicle maps (Caspian Border for example). If a tank could move at full speed with 1% health, then tanks, APC’s, etc. could quickly move from base to base while destroying the enemy. The normal approach to this in past games would be to simply spawn in at the same or different base with C4 or and AT rocket. The bases in BF3 are simply too small and too close together, players can easily be taken out by the vehicles. To help combat the situation, one well placed Javelin or RPG can drop a tank in health, rendering it near immobile—an effective method of balancing.

But how can you attempt to tilt the balance scheme in your favor while not destroying gameplay? Weapon customization is the answer if you’re on foot. Looking to take on all enemies? Equip a flash suppressor and foregrip, want to take out enemies from afar? Equip a heavy barrel and bipod. Check out the useful table below to help you optimize your Battlefield 3 experience:

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