Australian Players Getting A Bit More Love

If you’re an Australian player, especially on a console, then you’ve probably experienced some lag with Battlefield 3. Lately however, the DICE team has been working to improve performance for the region and increasing server capacity. The servers will probably also be used for Battlefield 3 server rentals, as was announced earlier today.


Hello Australia!

Back in October 2011 me and Lars Gustavsson travelled to Sydney as well as the EB Games Show on the Gold Coast where we promised a good and fluent gaming experience for you on the Battlefield. We had learnt a lot of good things from the Alpha and Beta going forward and then we released the game. The server stability in Australia was a bit flaky during the first two weeks, only to improve a lot up until last weekend

I want to let you know that our team over here has been working very hard in order to solve these issues for you. We´ve done numerous improvements and of course, one of them being ramping up our server capacity in Australia. These short-term changes will be rolling out over the comings weeks and some players may notice improvements sooner than others as we work towards our goal. We will keep you updated on our progress. Do please remember that you will always have a line in to the Studio via me so if you encounter anything you wish to talk about or report, let me know on

Thank you for playing our game and being part of this great community!

One Love 🙂

/Daniel Matros