Advert-Game: Planetside 2


Full Details for Giveaway (Read it all before posting): Basically, just post your favorite story from the original Planetside in the comments of this video, along with the faction you want to get a t-shirt/sticker from.

Next week we will go through and pick the best 4 (the 3 factions, and the general Planetside 2 one), send out shirts to them, and then pick the 3 second place winners which will receive stickers.

The T-Shirts and Stickers are both from the Planetside 2 press event at GDC, and can’t be obtained anywhere else, so it’s a once in a life time giveaway!

The story can be funny, serious, amazing, whatever, just tell us what your favorite story is from Planetside. Now, many of you might not have actually played the original, and in that case, tell us what you are most looking forward to in Planetside 2 and why you want to play it. The winner of that story will win the basic Planetside 2 t-shirt, not one of the factions, sorry, those are saved for die-hard fans!

We will be shipping the shirts and stickers wherever we can in the world, so don’t worry about location, we will try are hardest to ship them wherever the winner might be. So just post your story and wait for next week when we will reveal the winners and post the stories for all to read.

If you have any questions/comments feel free to message me, or ask in the comments if you want, although it might get lost in the stories.

Note: To future winners, we will be contacting you through youtube, and if you do not respond in a timely manner(1-2 days), we will move on to others who can be reached, so make sure next week to check your youtube inbox!

Thanks for participating, goodluck, and don’t forget to subscribe for more contests, giveaways, gameplay, interviews, and more soon!