13 Million Units Later – 2011 Was Still A Troubling Year

Battlefield 3 was one of EA’s largest game launches, quickly selling millions of copies. The number is now sitting at 13 million units sold. The game’s competitor, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is rumored to have sold some 20+ million copies since it’s launch on November 8, 2011.


While it looked like a possible banner year, over stretching on several fronts led to a disappointing fiscal year. Estimates put Battlefield 3 sales around 13MM units, the company ‘chased’ the launch dumping an estimated $30MM into incremental marketing after the game launched according to one source within EA.

Still, BF3 had an excellent launch, and EA poured another $30 million into the game post launch. SWTOR was another hit by EA, but the company may have overstretched itself and reportedly had a disappointing fiscal year. Major layoffs were rumored, but EA has quickly denied these and has stated that it’s team is still growing.