12 New Features In The Battlefield 3 Patch

In the past few months the patch fix-list grew constantly, the patch for PS3 players has landed and the patch for Battlefield 3 PC players is coming tomorrow. Once the patch actually arrived, there’s twelve things that were lightly discussed or weren’t known about until the release notes. Here’s 12 new features and things to look out for when you play the new version of Battlefield 3:

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1. Global Call-Outs

Dipshit medics and support players, you request health/ammo, shoot at them, spam the chat, they don’t even notice. Usually it’s another teammate, who isn’t even in your squad who will end up helping you out and dropping ammo or health. Battlefield 3 players can now skip the middle-man and request items right from the command-rose and the appropriate classes will be alerted via the mini-map on your team.

2. Orders -> Command Rose

You’re a BF3 squad leader and there’s an enemy next to a flag? Instead of spotting them, you’ve now assigned your squad to attack said point :(. DICE has acknowledged this minor gameplay breaker and has moved orders to within the command rose. More spotting for Battlefield 3!

3. Better Tracking

The current command rose has been buggy, the mouse will now track from the center of the command rose.

4. Easier Interaction

Hover over a command in the comma-rose and let go, no need to click each command. This will allow for a quicker spot, request, or thank you.

5. Readability

The command rose prior to this new patch was a bit hard for Battlefield 3 players to read, it’s now been made a bit easier to understand.

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6. The mini-map!!

It’s time to do-away with the semi-artsy overview. Maps can now be the original, satellite, or a hybrid, we suggest using the hybrid version for all Battlefield 3 maps.

7. Honkkk

The jeeps, they have horns!

8. Insta-flares for all players in jets

Yes, we’re all aware that jets have now been ruled somewhat useless by the new patch, but the jets are still a bit easier to get the hang of for new Battlefield 3 players. Helicopters also will have flares by default.

9. Transport helicopter pilots now get a higher paycheck

Are you one of those pilots who flies a group of dedicated gunners around and only get a few points? Instead of ten points for an assist, you’ll be making 50 points per assisted kill as a helicopter pilot in Battlefield 3.

10. SOFLAM also generates XP and points

As targets enter into the SOFLAM’s view, the SOFLAM will paint them, continuously giving recon players points.

11. Bring on the Suppression Ribbons!

One of the most difficult ribbons to get in Battlefield 3 is the suppression ribbon. 7 suppression assists in a round, this has been lowered to a more reasonable 3 suppression assists per round.

12. Pay-2-Cheat

Players can now unlock all items for vehicles, kits, and various other weapons just by paying EA. There’s also an Ultimate Bundle which allows you to unlock everything!